4 Reasons to Love Running Events

Signing up for a race will help motivate you to accomplish your running goals. There are hundreds of different races near you! Begin by choosing a race that interests you and start training.


We know! Nothing looks better than your couch and a big bag of Doritos after a long day at work. Keep in mind that you signed up for a race, and nothing is going to stop you from accomplishing that goal. Stay motivated by starting small. You are not going to cover three miles your first run. Keep your eyes on the prize and you will find yourself running longer and longer each day.


Having structure is an important aspect to your life. Most of us can’t just show up to a 5K with little to no preparation. Running is an endurance sport, which means you have to train over a period of time to get good at it. Structure your runs by finding a training plan that works for you. Invest in a fitness tracker and log your miles after each run. Before you begin your training plan, ask yourself these questions: How many days will I commit to running per week? What time of day will I run? Where/how will I run? Find the structure you need and roll with it.

Support a Cause

Do you have an organization that you are extremely passionate about? Running in a race is the perfect opportunity to be a part of that cause and contribute to helping others. Running for something that’s bigger than you is empowering and will continue to keep you on track when trying to accomplish your goal.

Thrilling Outcome

You did it! Race day is finally here and you crossed the finish line with friends and family cheering you on. So, what’s next? A massive cheeseburger? Another race? The choice is yours! After you’ve finished your first race, where you want to go from there is completely up to you. Always remember to love life and run happy.