Race in Groups

Many races offer a discount if you sign up with a group. Instead of meeting your friends at the race, sign up together and split the price. You  can also receive a group discount by running with a charity group, which not only saves you money, but allows you to run for a good cause. Even better, join a running club. When you join a running club, you can receive perks for being a member. Check out your local park or  community center and find out what adult fitness programs they offer.  

Stay Local

Staying in town for an event may not be as exciting as traveling to a destination race, but it will definitely keep costs down. Even if you have to pay the full registration fee, you will save money on travel expenses, such as lodging, gas, food, etc. Instead of looking at it as a boring, in-town race, spice up the day with excitement. Invite friends to run in the race with you. Explore the area after the event by trying a new  restaurant or visiting a new shopping center. Find inexpensive ways to liven up your local experience.  

Register Early

You know what they say, the early bird gets the worm. This is probably the easiest way to save money on a race, as long as you’re not a  procrastinator. If you know there is going to be a specific race later in the year, check the event website in spring or early summer to get the  best price on the registration fee.


Many races, especially larger ones, need volunteers to help with handing out water/snacks, packet pickup, race registration, directing traffic, etc. Many times, as compensation, the race director may give out a free entry for future races. It’s the perfect opportunity to help the  community and score a free race entry.  

Race Packages

At the start of running season, many companies will offer race packages. You can pay a flat fee and receive entry to a number of events  throughout the season. 

Skip the Swag

Yes, t-shirts are awesome, but they aren’t an absolute necessity. Some registration fees include the shirt/accessories in the race price, but  sometimes you can skip the swag and just pay the registration fee.