Sitting makes it harder to be a healthy weight

Too much sitting is closely associated with a higher risk for being overweight or even obese. This is partly because the more time a person spends sitting, the less time they are moving around or exercising. In addition,sitting for long periods without significant movement is thought to slow the metabolism, contributing to weight gain.Being overweight increases the risk for many dangerous diseases and conditions, including heart disease.

Sitting makes bones and muscles weaker

When sitting, the body as a whole, especially the muscles, are being asked to do almost nothing. This state of inactivity is damaging,leading to weaker, inadequate muscles. In turn, weak muscles harm bone health,resulting in fragile bones that are more prone to both breaks and conditions such as osteoporosis.

Sitting contributes to back pain

One of the worst risks of a sedentary lifestyle is back pain. Sitting for long periods places lots of pressure on the back, particularly the discs. This is especially so if (as is common) a person has poor posture. The spine is a delicate, complex system, which means that back problems are often a major issue. To make matters worse, back pain is often debilitating and frequently chronic. Excessive sitting can contribute to the development of such back conditions as pinched nerves,muscle soreness, and even slipped discs.

Sitting can shorten your lifespan

Sitting has been associated with an increased risk of mortality. Large-scale studies have shown that those who sit for many hours every day have a significantly higher risk of mortality. While this effect is probably not directly the result of a sedentary lifestyle, it does indicate that sitting can greatly contribute to the sort of unhealthy lifestyle that increases the risk.In today's society, it can be very difficult to avoid regularly sitting for long periods. However, there are some things you can do to help combat the problem. First of all, if someone must remain in a seat for many hours a day, they should at least make sure to get up on their feet every hour or so.Moving around, even if just for a few minutes, helps reduce the harmful effects of sitting by engaging the muscles and boosting the metabolism. Office workers or others who sit down while working should consider using a standing desk instead.