Have you mastered multiple 5K races and want to continue to improve on your cardiovascular fitness? Step up your game by training for a 10K
race. Always consult with your physician before starting any training program.

TIPS: We suggest using this training plan after you have run a 5K. Be sure to take at least two rest days per week. On Thursdays, you have the option to either rest or cross-train, which may include cycling, swimming, or elliptical. Cross-training keeps you flexible and also helps to prevent stiff muscles.

Meet the Coach: Coach Ladd has been a full-time online coach since April of 2001. After working for another company for almost four years, he founded 2L Coaching Services in January 2005. He has worked with hundreds of athletes all over the world of varying ability levels as an online coach, including multiple All-Americans and one NCAA national champion. Learn more about 
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