When's the Best Time to Workout?

Morning Workout

- It sets the tone for the day.

You will feel more motivated and active when you exercise 

in the morning.  

- Eat Less

A recent study from Brigham Young University found that food was less appealing to participants who worked out for at least 45 minutes in the morning.

- You Will Sleep Better

Working out early on can give you energy to get through the day, but once bedtime rolls around, you'll find yourself falling into a deep sleep.

-Build Muscle Faster

Testosterone levels (especially in males) are higher in the morning, making it the best time to do strength training.

Mid-Day Workout

- Afternoon Pick me up

You can start to feel a little sluggish when lunchtime rolls around. Exercise will give you an extra boost, even if it's just a few squats on your lunch break

- More Time After Work

If you can manage to squeeze in exercise during lunch hours then your workout is complete for the day. This leaves you with more free time in the evenings.

- Not a Morning Person

If you don't work a regular 9-5 work week, a mid-afternoon workout is ideal. After you exercise, you'll arrive to work later in the day feeling refreshed and ready for the night.

- Less People

If you are self conscious at the gym, then mid-afternoon is the perfect time to go. There are less people taking up machines, making it a perfect way to breeze through a routine without waiting for your turn.

Night-time Workout

- Helps You Relax

Late night workouts are a great way to let go of the stressors of the day. Endorphins are released whenever you exercise, resulting in calm and relaxation, which can help with getting a good nights rest.

- More Time

Working out during the day is great, but it often puts a time limit on things because you may be on a tight schedule. Exercising at night, however, may allow you some extra time for a longer sweat session.

- Low Blood Pressure

As mentioned above, you can be fairly stressed out at the end of the day. Your cortisol levels

(the hormone that's responsible  for stress) are high after a full day of work and hitting the gym can be the cure.


Always consult a doctor before starting any exercise routine.