Spice Up YOur Exercise Routine 

Having trouble sticking with your New Year's workout plan? A major factor in quitting your routine is boredom. 

Mix it up with a "not your average" exercise class that will blast calories while also keeping you mentally engaged. 

Try incorporating one or two of these classes with your regular fitness routine to ensure you don't get bored, 

which could result in you giving up on your goals all together.

1. Hula Hooping 

That’s right! This childhood toy is a great workout. Start off by engaging your core muscles in the traditional hula-hoop fashion and  work up to getting your whole body involved. You can begin with the basics in your own home. Want something more advanced? 
Pick up a class or even view some tutorials on YouTube. You’ll be knocking out tricks in no time!

2. Barre Class 

Learn how to slim down your muscles in this ballet inspired class that incorporates yoga, Pilates, and cardio. You will definitely feel the burn after just one class. Not only is this a full body workout, it also helps with your balance and posture. Ideal for those with mobility issues; you often don’t have to move more than an inch at a time. This class is considered to be a low impact exercise for your joints. All shapes and sizes are welcome!

3. Ecstatic Dance 

Let loose with this freeform dance class! No talking is allowed so you can fully immerse yourself in the music. There are no instructions beyond keep moving. Let all of your inhibitions go as you dance to a catchy beat, while freeing your mind and increasing your heart rate. You will feel transcendent as you leave the session, wondering if you may have found the perfect exercise for your body and soul.

4. Kangaroo Jumps 

Bounce around on these inventive shoes to get an intense cardio workout. Reducing up to 80% of pressure on your joints, this is a class that is fun for all ages and athletic abilities. Classes usually have shoes to rent, but you can buy your own pair if you want to work out at home. The shoes' unique design creates a lightweight feeling and straightens the spine, therefore helping to improve bad posture. 

5. Aerial Yoga 

Hang out in this fun take on traditional yoga. Originating in California, this class combines Pilates and dancing while suspended in the air! The suspension helps relieve tension on your bones and muscles, making you more flexible. Hanging freely during this exercise also helps elongate the spine and ease up the pressure on your hip joints. Check out your local gyms to see if they offer a class near you!

Always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program.