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How to Set Up the App and Get Your Volunteers Ready

Turning On Your Event in the App

  1. In order for your event to appear in the app, you need to ENABLE your event in the IYR admin backend first.  Those with TIMER, OWNER or MANAGER permissions can enable the event in the IYR Check-In app.  

  2.  Log in to your ITSYOURRACE.com account, go to MANAGE EVENTS and MANAGE the event where you’ll be activating the IYR check-in app.  

  3. Go to EVENT SETTINGS and click the menu item “IYR CHECKIN APP”  

  4. Under Enable In App, select YES.  The ENABLE START DATE and END DATE selections will drop down.  We recommend enabling the app at least an hour prior to packet pickup beginning.  Note that the event will not show up in the IYR CheckIn app for anyone (Timer/Event Manager that's logging in or volunteer using the Pin Code) unless the start date and time is set to the current time (in the timezone that the event is set to).  

  5. Below the enable start and end dates, you will see the EVENT PIN CODE  TO SHARE WITH VOLUNTEERS. You have the option to refresh and get a new pin code if desired, however, it’s important to note that only the latest PIN code will work in the app.  Remember that your volunteers will need this pin code to access the participant list on race day.

Logging In and Using the App for Multiple Events

  1. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for “IYR CheckIn”.  Download the app and open it. The first screen will ask you to enter a PIN number.

  2. We’ve created a special Event Pin Number for Timers and Event Managers that have multiple events on IYR to be able to access all of their events in the app.   The Pin spells out JAGUAR on the number pad, or 524827.

  3. You will then need to login using your ITS YOUR RACE login credentials.  Put in your email address and password and tap SIGN IN. (If you utilize the fingerprint sign-on option on your phone, you can tap the “LOGIN WITH TOUCH ID” button after you’ve logged in at least once).  

  4. Once you are in the app, you will see a list of all of your events where you’ve enabled the IYR Check In app.  See STEP 3 of the volunteer instructions for using the app to check-in a registered athlete.

Using the App on Race Day

  1. We’ve created the instructions below and a quick tutorial video to provide to your volunteers.  We suggest sending these out via email the days leading up to the race if you have access to volunteer emails, or simply ask your volunteers to watch the quick “how-to” video on race day morning.  We've noted the items in red below that you will need to change. 

  2. **Below is a list of items you will need to review with volunteers when going over using the app, depending on your event’s preferences**

    1.  You will need to provide them with your unique EVENT PIN CODE in order to access your event.  

    2. Assign bib numbers - If the timer is assigning bib numbers prior to the event, you can omit telling the volunteers to use the app to assign bib numbers during the check-in process.  The bib number will automatically appear on the participant’s check-in screen, so the volunteer will simply hand over the packet and proper bib and mark that the athlete is checked in.

    3.  If the event did NOT use ITS YOUR RACE for online registration, your volunteers will not be able to scan a QR code during the check-in process.


Thanks for volunteering to assist us with checking in athletes at our race!  To help streamline the race day process, we're asking all of our volunteers to download the IYR CheckIn mobile app.  Please go to the Apple App store or Google Play store on your mobile device and search for "IYR CheckIn".  Download the app and open it.  Our event pin code is: 

Please take a few minutes to watch this quick video and see how easy it is to use the app on race day.

Note that our packet pickup volunteers WILL / WILL NOT be assigning bib numbers using the IYR CheckIn App on race day.

CheckIn Stats - How many athletes have checked in?

At any time, you can see how many athletes have been checked in and what percentage of registered athletes have not checked in yet.  This can be found by tapping the main menu and selecting “CheckIn Stats”


  1. Before packet pickup begins, a user can toggle some of the settings to make the process go smoothly.  

    1. Enable QR Code - If the event used ITS YOUR RACE for online registration, registrants can bring up their confirmation email at packet pickup, and volunteers can scan the QR code on the receipt.  Enabling this setting will require the app user to ALLOW CAMERA ACCESS

    2. Scrolling List - Enabling this setting allows volunteers to see the entire list of participants on the first screen of the CheckIn app.  They can scroll through the alphabetical list to check people in without searching by last name. If this is not turned on, the initial screen will be blank and the volunteer will have to search for each person checking in by last name.

    3. Packet Pickup - If the entire race packet (bib number, shirt, swag, etc) is being provided at one stop on race day or at packet pickup, turn this feature ON.  This will automatically check off that the packet is being picked up when a person is checked in. If this is turned off, then the event should have two separate “volunteer check in stations” - one for bib assignment/bib pickup and one for shirt/packet pickup.  A second volunteer can use the app to search for the registrant and check a small box that says “The race packet has been handed” and update the athlete’s record.

    4. Refresh Data - Automatically refresh the data when you access your CheckIn Stats for an event

    5. Print BIB Labels - Allows the application to print labels.  See the documentation below for using this feature.

    6. Color Scheme - On the scrolling list of participants, the button with the athlete’s first letter of their last name will be pink or blue depending on the registered gender

    7. SignIn & Security - Biometric ID - This allows you to turn on the Touch ID setting for easy sign in to the app.  *Note* Your phone must be equipped with a fingerprint scanner in order to enable this setting.  

      1. Tapping the CLEAR LOGIN DATA button will sign out of your ITS YOUR RACE account.  Tap this button and close out the app to clear your session.

Label Printing with the IYR CheckIn App

In order to use the printing function in the “IYR CheckIn” app, your printer must have access to the internet.  You can use your device’s data plan by connecting directly to the printer from your device via Bluetooth or you can share it on a network (that has internet access) and then connect your device to that wireless network.

Brother QL-820NWB Setups  (Only Wireless is Supported at this time)

** Wireless Network Setup (Recommended)

              The printer IP address is set to DHCP from the factory.

              You must use a router that has internet access to get to ITSYOURRACE.com


Connecting the printer TO your network Wirelessly

Press the Menu Button and then select the “WLAN” menu option

Select the sub-menu option “WLAN (On/Off)”

               Select “ON” and press “OK”

Select the sub-menu option “Infra Manual Settings”

                            Once the printer is done “Searching”, select your network and press “OK”

                            Enter the Network Password and press “OK”

From your mobile device,  find the Network that the printer is on and connect to it.


**Bluetooth Setup (Not Recommended – limited success)

Connecting your phone directly to the printer via BLUETOOTH  (Limited to one device)

Press the Menu Button and then select the “Bluetooth” menu option

Select the sub-menu option “Bluetooth (On/Off)”

               Select “ON” and press “OK”

                             From your mobile device, find and turn on “Bluetooth”

                                           Scan for devices

                                           Select the QL-820NWB device to “pair” with

                                           Enter the “Passkey” on your phone, which can be found on the printer display.


IYR CheckIn App Setup

After installing the “IYR Checkin” app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, the app will ask for a Volunteer Pin. To switch from the volunteer pin sign in screen to the IYR login screen, enter the pin # 524827.

You should now be able to log into the “IYR CheckIn” app with your ITS Your Race username and password

In the App Settings, toggle the “Print BIB Labels” setting on ( it will appear blue when on)

Select an Event from “My Races”

Select a Participant that has a bib# assigned

Tap the Printer Icon in the lower right-hand corner


Apple devices

AirPrint will automatically -  open the printer selection screen

Select the Brother printer

The app will offer to print your label on the default 2.4” x 39” label

Tap “Paper size”, tap 2.4” x 39”, then select 1.1” x 3.5” from the menu

Tap the printer icon to print your label


Android devices

A screen will load offering to print to a pdf file (if you have no other printer configured)

Tap the menu at upper right of screen, then tap All Printers

Tap “Add Printer”

If “Default Print Service” is off, turn it on

Tap “Brother” to add the printer

Download and install “Brother Print Service Plugin” from the Google Play Store

Return to the “IYR CheckIn” App’s print screen, tap the menu at upper right of screen, tap QL-820NWB

The app will offer to print your label on the default 2.4” x 39” label

Tap “Paper size”, tap 2.4” x 39”, then select 1.1” x 3.5” from the menu

Tap the printer icon to print your label