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The IYR CheckIn App

What is it?

A mobile app that can be used by volunteers at an event to check in registered athletes and assign bib numbers.  This app allows for a fast check-in process by the event’s volunteers and reduces the number of laptops needed for volunteers.  It also allows the timer to offer an easier process for dynamic bib assignment and lessens the time to prepare packets for race day.

How does it work?

The timer or race director instructs all packet pickup volunteers to download the IYR CheckIn app and provides them with the unique Event Pin Number.  Using the simple, steam-lined process, they will be able to access the event, look up a participant, hit the “CheckIn” button, log their bib number (or look up their bib number) and mark that their packet has been picked up.  The athlete then goes into the timing database with their bib number and is ready to run the race!

Ready to get started?

Event Directors & Timers

Check out the documentation and video tutorials to learn more about using the IYR CheckIn app for your event.


We've made using the app easy with instructions and a short video to show you how to check in athletes and assign bib numbers on race day.

Want to read through the steps instead of watching the videos?  You can also:
View the written documentation for Timers and Event Managers.
View the written documentation for Volunteers.